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Series 6000 Integrated Conditioning, Acquisition & Control System

Product Overview

An innovative and fully integrated modular transducer conditioning, acquisition and control system, the Series 6000 has unparalleled performance and accuracy. From two to many thousands of channels, high & low speed, analog & digital, Series 6000 acquires measurement data from virtually all types of sensors and is fully customizable to fit the needs of any test facility. Large & small, AC & DC powered enclosures are available for nearly any test environment. Analog and digital I/O modules condition, amplify, filter and digitize signals from transducers. Turnkey and/or API software is available, helping facilities get up and running quickly.

Configuring the Series 6000 system begins with selecting Enclosures, I/O Modules & Software.


Data Acquisition Enclosures

Four enclosures are available as part of the Series 6000 System: Large, Small and two DC powered portables with USB, Ethernet or GPIB configurations.

I/O Modules

Data Acquisition I/O Modules

Many I/O modules are available as part of the 6000 product line. Series 6000 input/output modules condition, amplify, filter and digitize signals from analog and digital measurements for data display and recording.


Data Acquisition Software

Many facilities don’t have the time, resources or interest in creating their own software applications. Save valuable time and money with PI660 Series 6000 Test and Measurement Software.PI660 is a turnkey application that runs on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

Data Acquisition Facility Configuration
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