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Analog I/O ModulesAnalog Data Acquisition I/O Modules

Digital I/O ModulesDigital Data Acquisition I/O Modules

Series 6000 Integrated Conditioning, Acquisition and Control

I/O Module Details

Many I/O modules are available as part of the 6000 product line. Series 6000 input/output modules condition, amplify, filter and digitize signals from analog and digital measurements for data display and recording. I/O modules are available for strain gage and bridge transducers, ICP/IEPE, temperature, displacement, position, digital measurements, etc. Many analog modules even provide a buffered analog output in addition to the digitized output, allowing easy access to analog systems for redundant recording.

Mix & Match Capability

All modules can be mixed and matched to meet test requirements and are easily changed as testing requirements change. Many of the Series 6000 I/O Modules can be used with more than one measurement type and are able to be reconfigured or custom designed to fit any application.

Analog I/O Modules

Analog Data Acquisition I/O Modules

Series 6000 analog I/O modules condition, amplify, filter and digitize signals from virtually any transducer. All modules have conditioning & amplifier per channel and nearly all modules allow for setting bridge completion, shunt calibration, transducer power, gain, etc. individually per channel. Following the conditioning/amplifier stage, multi-pole Bessel or Butterworth analog filters are provided on each channel and can be set or bypassed individually by program control. A number of the modules include a high level analog output providing a conditioned/filtered output to a redundant, external A/D system. A 16-Bit Successive Approximation A/D follows the analog filter stage. Some modules use a single A/D with sample and hold while others have an A/D per channel. Sample rates are programmable per channel to easily accommodate mixing high and low speed measurements into a single data stream. Programmable hardware based warnings and alarms are included in the channel-by-channel architecture and are detected by digital output modules in the system, providing an ultra-low latency control capability directly from the data acquisition system.

Digital I/O Modules

Digital Data Acquisition I/O Modules

Series 6000 digital I/O modules record signals from frequency counters, flow meters, encoders, discrete transducers, IRIG time, etc. which are often part of the test environment. These digital signals are time aligned and recorded alongside the system’s analog measurements. High density digital inputs provide an opportunity to easily include facility controls like switches, valve positions, relays, lights, etc. along with the test data. Series 6000 digital I/O modules also provide outputs generated by user command or automatically by Sequence, Alarms or DSP. User generated outputs are accomplished in software while sequencers can be programmed prior to a test and initiated by program or hardware control. Alarm conditions preprogrammed on the analog side can automatically generate digital outputs which are typically connected to facility control systems or PLCs. A DSP adds powerful real-time processing and is appropriate for PID control loops, derived parameter calculations and a variety of other real-time operations.

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