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About Pacific Instruments, Inc.

Pacific Instruments, Inc. is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and support of state-of-the-art, computer-automated physical measurement systems. Major aerospace and vehicle companies, government-funded research agencies and the military use these systems to measure, store and analyze information and results from research and development projects. Pacific Instruments' advanced computer technology is enabling these companies to efficiently solve real-world problems in such areas as passenger safety, earthquake building design and survivability, explosives technology and containment, aircraft engine and airfoil design and general scientific research.

Company Profile

Pacific Instruments, Inc., a California corporation, is a brand name of Vishay Precision Group (VPG) with main offices in a modern 18,000 sq. ft. facility in Concord, California. Concord is located in Northern California approximately 35 miles Northeast of the San Francisco airport.

Product assembly, inspection and testing are performed to documented manufacturing and quality assurance procedures. The standard for manufactured products is "best commercial practice" as defined and documented in the Lockheed Martin Workmanship Standards Manual. Most electronic assembly is outsourced to selected firms that use automated surface-mount and through-hole assembly equipment. Test and calibration are done by Pacific Instruments employees using computer automated equipment.

All Pacific Instruments' products are designed and supported by a full-time engineering staff consisting of hardware engineers, software engineers and support personnel. Pacific Instruments maintains an on-going development program to provide state-of-the-art and custom signal conditioning and recording products to our customers. Engineering specialists have experience in low level signal processing, transducer signal conditioning, active filters, analog to digital conversion, digital signal processing, programmable logic, microprocessors, and programming in "C," "C++," Visual Basic, LabVIEW, Microsoft Windows, DOS, UNIX and multiple assembly languages.

Pacific Instruments' marketing and sales team consists of a product manager, sales managers and support staff positions. The product and sales managers are all engineers with extensive experience in transducer signal conditioning and data acquisition system design and application. The product manager manages the marketing programs and materials with help of the staff and outside resources. Pacific Instruments uses independent sales organizations (representatives) in all export markets and for 80% of the North American market.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Terms and conditions governing the sale or lease of all products and services by Pacific Instruments, Inc. are available to download and view here.

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Terms and conditions governing the acceptance of orders by Pacific Instruments, Inc. to purchase are available to download and view here.

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