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PI580 Transient Recording System Software

PI580 Ready-to-Run, Turnkey Software


PI580 is a complete software operating environment for Windows. This ready to use, turnkey application has everything needed to program and operate the 5800 and export recorded data files.


Unlike general purpose programming languages, PI580 is an application that is ready to use out of the box and specifically tailored for transducer data acquisition and recording. Versatile and easy to use, its operator interface employs menus and toolbars to program 5800 hardware and acquire and record calibration and test data.

Database Programming

Program channel and system operating parameters in a Microsoft Access or compatible database or spreadsheet. Then download the database file to program channel, group and system hardware.

Select and Name Channels

Select channels for a test from the system inventory. Assign each channel a "Tag" or name that will make measurement identification easy and enter the engineering units of measure.

Menus Simplify Programming

The built-in programming menus are configured to the installed channel hardware. Menus feature drop-down selection of parameters such as excitation, gain and filter frequency for channel programming and sample rates for group profile programming.

Real Time Data Displays

Data displays are useful for monitoring channels before, during and after a test. Display types include: Tabular, system status, strip chart, bar chart, picture (bitmap), X-Y Chart, and multi-channel plot. Data is displayed in A/D counts, millivolts and engineering units.

Pre and Post Trigger

With PI580 you select the pre and post-trigger memory by entering the time period for each. Using the selected sample rates, PI580 calculates the pre-trigger and post-trigger memory sizes.

Trigger Level and Delay

The trigger level is set for the first channel in each recording group using engineering units. Select internal or external trigger and set trigger time delay in microseconds.

Debrief Recorder

Debriefing of the data recorder can be done for a single channel or multiple channels. Operator may specify which records to debrief. PI580 exports recorded data in binary and ASCII formats compatible with display/analysis programs including Excel, DPLOT, DADiSP and FAMOS.

Calibrate Recorded Data

PI580 supports all 5800 calibration modes with up to eight calibration steps per channel recording the calibration data to memory. It will automatically calculate the slope and offset for engineering units calibration.

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