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Series 7000 Ruggedized Ethernet Data Acquisition Systems

Wind Tunnels

Product Overview

The Series 7000 Ruggedized Ethernet DAS brings new capabilities and levels of performance to transducer data acquisition. The ruggedized system is designed for installation in wind tunnels, engine test stands and other facilities where it is desired to locate the DAS on or near the test article, reducing installation and cable costs while improving signal quality and reliability. Each unit is a network appliance which conditions, amplifies and digitizes outputs from transducers. Multiple units are easily combined and distributable for larger installations. Real-time temperature Compensation of gain offset and Excitation Voltage, quality signal conditioning with high gain and a 24-Bit A/D per channel provide a high accuracy and high resolution DAS that will perform across a wide operating range.

Common Features

Engine Test Stands
  • 16-Channels strain gage, bridge, IEPE or voltage transducers
  • Real time temperature compensated (Gain & Excitation) from -20°C to +50°C
  • 0.1% or better accuracy over full gain & temperature range
  • 10 kHz, 50 kHz or 100 kHz analog bandwidths with gain 1 to 1,000
  • 24-Bit A/D per channel up to 24kS/s, 102.4kS/s or 204.8kS/s
  • Wide range programmable filter, 80 dB/octave
  • Ethernet control and data interface
  • IRIG A, B & G time decoding and recording
  • 1 μS synchronized sampling of multiple enclosures
  • Ruggedized for tough environments
  • 20 to 30 Volt DC power


Voltage Position Strain/Bridge ICP/IEPE Charge Mode Rugged Ethernet DAS

Model 7200

  • 24k S/s per Channel
  • 10 kHz Analog Bandwidth
  • 0.05% or Better Accuracy
  • Strain / Bridge / Voltage

Model 7300

  • 102.4k S/s per Channel
  • 50 kHz Analog Bandwidth
  • 0.1% or Better Accuracy
  • Strain / Bridge / Voltage
  • IEPE (Coming Soon)

Model 7400

--- Coming Soon ---

  • 204.8k S/s per Channel
  • 100 kHz Analog Bandwidth
  • 0.1% or Better Accuracy
  • Dynamic Strain
  • IEPE / Charge / Voltage


7000 Networking Diagram

Locating conditioning and acquisition hardware near transducers, even on a test article in the test cell, is the goal of many facilities. Doing so will reduce cable costs, increase signal quality and eliminate complex wiring installations. Using the Series 7000 will create greater cost savings and reduce installation time of the data system.

Each 7000 has an Ethernet interface for control and data output, which simplifies system wiring and provides remote and distributed operation. IRIG time may be employed to synchronize sampling on multiple 7000s within 10 microseconds or a timing pulse may be used to achieve better than 1 microsecond time alignment. Multiple 7000s (up to 4,096 channels) may be connected on a single Ethernet LAN.

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