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Series 6100 Signal Conditioning, Amplifier, Filter & Analog Output System

Enclosure Details

Series 6100 and 6000 Enclosures are common between the 2 product lines and can accommodate any combination of Series 6100 I/O Modules. Enclosures are available in a variety of sizes and a selection of AC and DC powered versions to meet the needs of laboratory and portable field applications. With USB 2.0 and Ethernet interfaces available, facility integration couldn’t be easier.

Common Enclosure Features

  • Any number or combination of racks
  • Multiple, distributed system support
  • Supports any I/O module in any slot

The native interface for the enclosure is USB 2.0 and can be configured for Ethernet. There are many ways to configure a system. Multiple racks can be combined to provide a single larger system or used individually to create smaller, lower channel count installations. The systems can be run locally (near a test cell) or remotely from a control room. This allows the test operators to setup, configure and calibrate the system locally near the test article and remotely while a test is in progress.

An Operator’s Workstation is the primary control and data recording point for the Series 6000 System. Typically installed in the control room, the Operator’s Workstation runs PI610 Signal Conditioning Software for system setup, calibration, display, recording, distribution and export. Multiple, distributed systems are supported and controlled through a single Operator’s Workstation. A system can even be configured and used over wireless technology, allowing even greater control over the system. For example, a technician can change gain and filter settings on a touch screen tablet style PC while performing system checkouts and test readiness.

Rack Mount & Desktop

DC Powered & Portable


6000U DAS Enclosure

  • 16 I/O Module Slots
  • 8U Rack Mount


6010U DAS Enclosure

  • 4 I/O Module Slots
  • 3U Rack Mount


6008U DAS Enclosure

  • 4 I/O Module Slots
  • 4U DC Powered


6005U DAS Enclosure

  • 10 I/O Module Slots
  • 6U DC Powered
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