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Transient Recording
Series 5800 High-Speed Transducer Transient Recorders
Series 5800 recorders are used extensively for acquiring transducer data from blast and other tests where high acceleration forces are present and the test environment is challenging. Rising to meet the challenge, Pacific offers two distinct categories of transient recorders:
Model 5800
Portable, Rugged Transient Recorder
Model 5810
Rack-Mount Transducer Transient Recorder
Portable, Rugged Transient Recorders

The 5800 is a rugged, battery operated data acquisition and recording system with high performance, dual-mode signal conditioning. It is typically used for recording transient data in harsh physical environments as would be encountered in explosives and explosive effects testing.

Rack-Mounted System Recorders

The 5810 is an AC powered, rack-mounting, 16-channel system enclosure for 5800 series recording modules. With a considerably lower price than ruggedized enclosures it makes 5800 system a competitive model for laboratory transient recorder applications.

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