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  Model 6131 - 2-Channel Transducer Amplifier
Transducer Amplifier
Model 6131


  Voltage/current excitation, remote sensing
  Programmable low pass filters
  Plug-in channel configuration and calibration card
  Automatic zero and balance
  Gains 1 to 5,000 with 0.05% resolution
  100 kHz bandwidth
  Voltage substitution gain calibration
  Dual analog outputs
  Digital monitoring of excitation and output


The 6031 input module contains two channels of programmable, high-performance transducer amplifiers. Each channel contains signal conditioning for strain gage, bridge, RTD, potentiometer, thermocouple, voltage-mode charge and current-loop transducers. Each has a programmable gain differential instrumentation amplifier, four-pole low-pass filter with four bandwidth selections and two buffered ±10 Volt outputs that can be selected for wideband or filtered response.

The signal conditioning in the 6031 is built around a completion card that configures it for various types of transducers. Programmable excitation provides either 0 to 10.24 Volts constant voltage with remote sensing or 0 to 50 mA constant current excitation for strain gages, bridges, RTDs, potentiometers and other transducers requiring a highly stable source of DC power. An auxiliary supply provides up to 25 Volts regulated DC power and doubles as the excitation source for current loops and integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) transducers.

The input is eight-wire shielded. Automatic bridge balancing ahead of the instrumentation amplifier accommodates large unbalances without limiting gain or dynamic range. The high-impedance current source used for balancing will not cause linearity errors due to bridge loading effects even for large unbalances. The instrumentation amplifier has gains from 1 to 5,000 with automatic zero and highest overall accuracy. An optional low-pass filter is available with continuous frequency selection from 4 Hz to 10 kHz.

Up to 32 channels may be installed in Series 6100 Mainframe and Slave enclosures. Mainframe enclosures are available with IEEE-488, RS-232 or USB 2.0 interfaces for programming, control and monitor outputs. PI610 software for Windows 2000/XP is fully configured and ready to use. User programming is facilitated by a high-level instruction set.
Specifications - Model 6131
Unless noted specifications apply to each channel individually
Input Two to eight wires with shield. Plug-in completion card configures the channel for specific transducer and calibration types. Input connector is 9-pin Type D Subminiature.
Bridge Excitation Programmable from 0 to 10.24 Volts with 2.5 mV resolution and ±0.01% regulation, 50 mA limited to 70 mA.
Current Excitation Programmable from 0 to 50 mA with 12 uA resolution and ±0.01% regulation, 10 Volt compliance.
Auxiliary Excitation Resistor programmable, 0 to 25 Volts with 1% regulation, 50 mA. Requires PS1 enclosure option.
Balance Automatic to ±0.04% of range ±1 mV. Range is 2.5 mV/V (350 Ohm gage), which can be increased up to 25 mV/V. Stability is ±0.02%, ±0.005%/¡C.
Shunt Calibration Two shunt resistors mounted in resolderable terminals. Program selection of internal or external shunt connection. Optional 4-step shunt.
Voltage Calibration Voltage substitution with selectable attenuation of 1, 0.1 and 0.01 ±0.02%.
Input Range ±2 mV to ±10 Volts full scale. Input protected to ±50 Volts.
Gain Programmable from 1 to 5,000 with 0.05% resolution. Calibrated steps of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 .... 5,000 with ±0.05% accuracy.
Static Accuracy Typically ±0.02% for gains 1 to 1,000 after calibration.
Common Mode 120 dB (balanced input) or 110 dB (350 Ohms source unbalance) at gain 1,000, DC to 60 Hz. ±10 Volts, protected to ± 30 Volts.
Bandwidth 100 kHz, -3 dB.
Standard Filter Eight-pole low-pass Bessel filter with bandwidths of 10 Hz, 500 Hz, 5 kHz, 10 kHz and wideband. Other filter frequencies are available on request.
Filter (Option PF) Four-pole, low pass Bessel, 10 Hz to 1 kHz, 1 Hz resolution, ±1% accuracy. 1 kHz to 10 kHz, 5 Hz resolution, ±5% accuracy.
Sampling Up to 100K S/s per channel. Time correlation is ±50 nS.
Alarms Four programmable alarm levels. High and low signal peak memory.
Analog Outputs Test fixture that attaches to front mounted connector provides test jacks for transducer inputs, amplifier inputs, excitation, sense, shunt calibration and outputs.
Digital Monitors Digitized outputs of excitation voltage and current and amplifier or filter outputs. Graphical monitoring provided in PI660 software.
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