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NASA's Sub-Scale Solid Rocket Motor Tests

NASA Marshall tests material for Space Launch System (SLS) using Pacific Series 6000 Data Acquisition...

Spacecraft Technology Expo - May 8-10, 2012

Join Pacific Instruments at the Spacecraft Technology Expo in May...

WRSGC: 16-Bit SAR VS 24-Bit SD A/D Conversion

Compare 16-Bit SAR & 24-Bit Sigma-Delta A/D conversion and what it means for quality measurements...

Data Acquisition Systems Turnkey Systems Signal Conditioning Transient Recording Extreme Environment Measurement Systems
Data Acquisition Systems

Integrated, high performance signal conditioning and data acquisition that acquires, displays, and plays back recorded data in real time.

Turnkey Data Acquisition Systems

Amplify and digitize low level signals with the greatest of accuracy at a fraction of the price and the size of full scale data acquisition systems.

High performance, microprocessor-controlled transducer signal conditioning amplifiers with automatic and manual programming options.

Transient Recording Systems

Portable & rugged or rack mount data acquisition and recording systems with high performance, dual-mode signal conditioning.

Extreme Environment Measurement Systems

Self-contained, rugged, sealed for tough environments and designed for installation near the test article for optimal signal quality and reliability.

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